Water Damage

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water-restorationTiming is critical! We specialize in water extraction using the most advanced equipment for proper water restoration services. Whether you are suffering from something as simple as a leaky pipe or roof, or something more serious such as burst pipes, sewage backup, or flash flood damage.

Quality First Restoration provides the water extraction services you need. Left untreated, water can cause serious damage to your property; it can also provide a breeding ground for mold and other toxins.

When dealing with the possibility of microbial growth, structural drying is of the utmost importance. A company must be prepared with the proper equipment such as air movers, axial fans, dehumidifiers, carpet extractors, sump pumps, air scrubbers and more!

With Quality First Restoration, you will rest assured that you are not only getting expert technicians to remedy the situation, but they are using the industry’s leading water remediation equipment to ensure the restorative drying process is done right, quickly and carefully to achieve a sterile environment.

With Quality First Restoration, the main goal when hiring a water restoration company is to transform the abnormally wet and potentially damaged structure into an environment of equal or better cleanliness than before the water intrusion occurred.