Mold Damage

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce it has been established that you have a mold issue in your home, the next step is the cleaning process. Due to the hazards that mold emanates, it is essential that mold remediation be performed by licensed and certified professionals. Quality First Restoration specializes in residential and commercial mold removal as well as mold cleaning by trained and certified technicians.

When mold growth reaches an “abnormal” level in indoor environments, the potential for problems increases. Many people experience adverse health effects from exposure to mold and the toxins they produce. At its basic, the solution to the problem is to take away the favorable growth conditions and remove the mold with proper cleaning and drying of the areas, including the air systems and disinfecting with a microbial wash.

Mold remediation is a complicated process that starts with containment of the infected area to prevent any cross contamination. When mold is present, our technicians employ state of the industry procedures proven to completely remove the mold and return your home to a normal, safe environment. And vital in any remediation project is the scope of equipment being used to remedy the project. Quality First Restoration uses industry-standard equipment such as, Air Scrubbers, Negative Air Machines, LGR Dehumidifiers, True Hepa Vacuums, Air Movers and more.

Quality First Restoration provides the highest level of care to our clients. We take control of the situation. We handle your case with the utmost care. And we are committed to earning your trust and loyalty ensuring a safe and secure result.